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How 100+ Worked

Member Commitment
Each member commits to donating $25, $50, $100 or $200 per meeting ($100-$800 per year). All members must donate to the charity/non-profit selected by voting, even if they voted for a different one.  Meetings are held once per quarter and last approximately one hour. Anyone with an interest in supporting charities/non-profits in the Westerville area is welcome to join us!  Members are asked to complete a membership agreement. 

Charity Selection Process
Three charities/non-profits will be under consideration at each meeting and will be chosen by random drawing at the meeting.  A member may enter an organization into the drawing each quarter.  (Only one entry per charity at a time is allowed in the drawing.)  Each organization that is drawn must be presented by a member.  The member will be given 5 minutes to make a case for supporting that charity. (See presenting information)  Following the three nominated presentations, a 5-minute question and answer session will take place.  Then members will vote on which charity to support.  The vote is binding; even if it was not your choice you must donate to the selected charity.  Charities not winning support can be submitted for future consideration.  No charity can be chosen more than once per year.

Charity Qualifications     
A 501(c)3 organization is preferred for consideration.  The charity selected must agree NOT to use the individual donors' names for future solicitations or give their information to the public.  If the charity does not adhere to this condition, it will be removed from any future considerations.

Making Donations to the Selected Charity
Donations are made directly to the selected charity by individual members.  100 Women of Westerville does not handle any of the funds and does not receive any compensation, etc.  All proceeds go directly to the selected charity.  Tax deduction statements may be sent directly to each member from the selected organizations.

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